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Our Mission

Your Woodland police officers put on their uniform each morning and report for duty with a singular mission in mind: protecting you. When your police officers aren’t out on the streets of Woodland responding to calls, they’re training and honing their skills as law enforcement officers so that when it’s your emergency, we can uphold our promise of providing the personal, dedicated, and professional police services that the residents of this great city deserve.
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President's Message

Woodland’s police officers are nothing without the backing of the community, and we’re so thankful for all of the support the wonderful city’s residents, businesses, and visitors have given us throughout the years. Our association’s mission is two-fold: to protect Woodland’s police officers so they can focus on protecting you and to be a part of the community through our participation in several charitable organizations...
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When Woodland’s families, businesses, and visitors need help, the officers represented by the Woodland Police Officers’ Association respond to their side at a moment’s notice to keep them safe. We’re honored to protect your police officers so they can focus on their job: protecting you.

We hope this will be an effective method of communication between our valued law enforcement members and our community with updated information about our upcoming events and causes we support.

Latest News

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June 17, 2022
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Tips On Working Remotely During The Coronavirus Outbreak
June 17, 2022
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Community Involvement

We are proud to serve Woodland not only as law enforcement officers, but as members of the community that strive to give back and make an impact on those around us. Our causes range from local organizations to national tragedies where we can help, and even a few events of our own where we can interact with local kids and families.
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